San Luis Obispo Real Estate Appraisals

Need Appraisals Services to value your home, rental, or other properties?  Contact Nicholson & Co. in the San Luis Obispo, Ca area for trained, correct and fair evaluation of assets.  An appraiser can value property for homeowners, for the release of a PMI, for tax purposes or other reasons. Whether you want a sales comparison or a residential income appraisal, we can get it done for you. An appraiser is familiar with all of the paperwork. Avoid underestimating the value of your property with the untrained eye; get professional assistance from Howard Nicholson MAI, SRA.

Because of the change in the market having an appraisal done may be necessary. The value of property has fluctuated over the past 20 years leaving a large amount of property values in question, some areas have dropped in property value while others have moved forward. If you have made significant improvements to your property it may be time for a re-evaluation of your assets. Nicholson & Co in San Luis Obispo, Ca. is here to help you with calculating the certified value of your property for any reason.

There are so many forms to fill out; to a regular citizen this can be confusing. You can get your appraisal done quickly, efficiently, and top quality through Howard J. Nicholson. We do the job for lenders, legal entities, or commercial projects. Clients get appraisals for where partners need to split assets, people get divorced, people relocate and need to put property up for sale or want to swap for other valued assets. Whatever your need is, we can get its value properly assessed.

The value of property never stays the same, and when trying to stay on top of asset value it is necessary to have property values checked on a schedule. Places go in and out of business, neighborhoods loose citizens and things grow old and in disrepair. With Nicholson & Co., you have the opportunity to rejuvenate or remove assets before you find yourself in a loosing position.

The possibility stands you may have increased assets that you can use for various purposes but without a critical, certified appraisal of your property you may never be able to use these hidden values. Many times the amount you may be able to borrow depends upon the strength of your collateral. Do not get less than you deserve in a divorce settlement because of under valued assets. We believe we are the best San Luis Obispo Real Estate Appraisers in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Find out by giving us a call today: 805-440-4835 or emailing us at