A Leading Provider of Real Estate Appraisals in San Luis Obispo County, CA

NICHOLSON & CO. is a leading provider of real estate appraisals in San Luis Obispo County since 1977. Having prepared and/or assisted in over 10,000 complex and non-complex appraisal reports for lenders, National Appraisal Management Companies (AMC), attorneys, and individuals.

Our scope of appraisal services includes:

  • Trust & Estate Planning*
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Estate Probate*
  • Tax Appeals
  • Home Equity
  • Home Improvement
  • Partial Interests
  • Consulting for Expert Witness Testimony
  • Appraisal Reviews – Residential and Commercial

*Howard J. Nicholson is a California Probate Referee serving San Luis Obispo County. He specializes in providing appraisals for attorneys that specialize in Estate and Trust work.

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